Sunday, February 09, 2014

Planning to succeed

I apologize for the lack of posts. The last couple of weeks have been .... strange. Yes, strange. Short of it is that I'm still trying to figure out the effects of my new medicines on me (still far too tired in the mornings but not fall-asleep-groggy). I also had to deal with a post-nasal thing, allergy-related, where the back of my throat was scratchy-yucky, and I'm just now, three weeks later, beginning to come out from that. The weather ... well, let's not even discuss. Suffice to say I was over winter by 12/22, and am so ready for spring to arrive that I can hardly wait.

We had some changes at work which resulted in me having to train a couple of people -- one to start and when she didn't work out, I had to do it again for someone else (who seems very eager and willing to learn and work). And worst of all, I also experienced the deep sadness of losing a very dear friend during this time frame, and it threw me for a loop. I have not been mentally back in the game until just recently.

All this to say that I am not in my normal groove and haven't been for several weeks. It shows on the scale, and I'm over it. The lack of planning, of having things slung at me and having to adjust and re-adjust on the fly, is not working for me. I don't mind being flexible but when it comes to this, I know that planning works. I know that being able to sit down, to see my budget, to see my freezer/pantry and what's in it, and to go with that and plan meals is a big help with weight loss. Otherwise -- for me, anyway -- I get very tempted by "sure, whatever" ... and either drift toward (1) really bad stuff (a/k/a "I don't care mode"); (2) good stuff via takeout (not really fiscally responsible); or (3) good frozen entrees or meals (not really all that great-tasting or truly "healthy" for my sodium thing).

So to help me, I bought a tool: a good old-fashioned, write-it-down 3-month tracker. Yes, I have the mobile WW app, and a couple of other ones as well. Yes, it's awfully convenient to just look up the points on my phone. But that gives me a handy excuse to say, "Oh, I won't eat the lunch I brought from home because I found out that (Restaurant X) has (Food Y) for only (Z PointsPlus), and yeah, I think I'll do that!" That's great in an emergency situation but it's not something I want to do each day. I want to think about what I'll take. I want to think about the energy it will give me, not just shoving food in because I've picked the lesser of all evils from the best of the alternatives.

A half-week in and I can already tell I need to really utilize it to the fullest. Why? Because I've been relying on my phone to get me through to the weekend when I could actually prepare things. So tonight, I'm planning out the rest of my week -- food-wise, if nothing else. The weather is still playing havoc so I am just going to have to FORCE myself to do workouts at home if I cannot make it to the gym. I may have to re-plan my life to fit evening workouts in now. I have to do what I have to do in order to be successful.

I have heard it a million times: "Failure to plan is planning to fail." I'm finding it to be true.

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