Sunday, November 24, 2013


First, oh my goodness!! It's been an incredibly crazy month for me as I have transitioned to a new role in my M-F job, gone to baby showers, wedding showers, etc., worked my way around a sinus infection (yes, another one; 4th this year - UGH!), and just run myself ragged.......

Well, winter has apparently decided to arrive early this year, as our temperatures went from 60s on Friday to mid-40s tops today -- and will be there all week .... and into the next, from what I see projected. BRRRRRR!!!! One downside to losing this much weight is that I lost my insulation! Let's face it -- body fat does keep us warm! I was never this cold-natured until I lost the weight .... but I have NO desire to put it back on just to stay warm!

But this change of temperature also puts a kibbosh on my morning walks now. Getting up even earlier to bundle up to go walk out in the cold morning air -- when I pay good money for a gym membership and can do it in relative comfort, even on a "dreadmill"? Um, yeah. Sorry, as much as I love meeting my friends and walking outdoors over a treadmill any day, I have my overall health to consider. And in the winter, I am more susceptible to respiratory issues. With the holidays upcoming and singing in two different groups (plus cantoring duties as well), I'm doing everything I can to protect my voice, my throat, my sinuses, everything that affects my singing.

So the good folks at Planet Fitness (Greenville) will be seeing more of me, hopefully in the mornings, but we'll see how things go with my schedule. If it was like last year, after the New Year, everyone who joined starting coming in the afternoons/evenings and it was dang hard to get a parking space (let alone a free treadmill, elliptical, or bike!). So .... the plan starting tomorrow is to get there no later than 6:00 AM (preferably 5:45). I cannot go any earlier -- I'm already getting up at an ungodly hour! That way, I can get in 30-45 minutes, get ready for work, and maybe even get to work a few minutes early.

But OH! I will miss the comraderie, the laughs, and the sharing. Once spring arrives and warmer temps come back, then oh yes, back to the park for the morning walks...... but I have to do what I have to do to stay healthy in every way.

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