Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Annnnnnnd breathe.

I got back to some of the basics I mentioned last week -- I still didn't do everything perfectly, but I did what I set out to do. I accepted the fact that some days would be better than others because of the lymphedema. I changed what I could (including the daily chocolate piece, knocked it down to only twice). And I rested at times when I should have been running around trying to do more than I could say grace over. (Should is another ugly word, sometimes).

The results? Down 2.2!!!! I'll take it! I actually had lost 2.6 as of the weekend, but I'll gladly take the 2.2 pounds!

The plan for this week? The same, with a little extra work -- doing the meat-and-two at lunch instead of running out for something because I've been too lazy to cook...... I actually started that this week and so far so good. Today was an exception because I had some dental work done. But at least I have my lunch ready to go for tomorrow!

And I plan to be at the gym in the morning, and getting back to a strength training routine I haven't done in a while. I do one on Fridays, but I'm going to add a routine (full body) on Wednesday as well. We'll see how it works.

In the meantime, the other thing I'm doing is more breathing and relaxing. Resting. Okay, so I'm a month late to the routine from August (HAAA!). But no really, the other thing that helped me most this week was a healthy dose of perspective from two fellow WW employees. They are people who know my story, who know of my health issues, who know my struggles, and who aren't afraid to say, "Okay, so what *is* working for you? What's standing in your way? Are you truly willing to commit and not just saying this to make me happy so we can move on to another topic of conversation?" Being able to share my joys and frustrations with them was a priceless gift this week.

This week, I got to walk down memory lane and share a little of my story with my group at the weekly meeting where I'm "just" a member. It really inspired me to think more about all the success I've had, especially in the times when I felt as down and discouraged as I did last week.

To all of you, KEEP STRIVING!!! The shame is not in falling but in failing to rise again to fight another round.

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