Monday, July 22, 2013

A repeat performance

Last year, to commemorate the end of our Spring 2012 "Live Life Active" campaign, Sheri and I did a Bike Ride as a way to show our members different ways to do fitness. You'll have to read the post to see how it went last year.

So we decided to do it again, on the anniversary this year, and..............OOPS! I had to take my newer bike in (the road/hybrid one) for a repair. I kept having problems with it staying in gear, and the chain kept slipping. One night, as Sheri and I went for a practice ride, we weren't even a mile in and CHONKINGY! went my bike. I could not put it into a new gear at all. In fact, I couldn't even ride it. I had to push it back to her house --- not a bad idea since 15 minutes later, the skies opened and it all fell out. I took it to a bike shop near work, sure that it was the chainrings, and dreading the cost. You see I'd checked them out online that night and HOLY COW! I could buy a new bike for that price. As it all turned out, my bigger problem was that my rear wheel was completely warped. Solved that problem right away!

So we got in a couple of practice rides, but not as many as last year. We had a better idea of the time we'd need and were able to shave about 20-30 minutes off last year's pace. So we met again at 5:00 ... got on the road around 5:10, and at 5:11 I'm yelling, "SHERI!!! BIG PROBLEM!!!" My rear tire was flat. HOW did I not check that? HOW did we not even notice? A few quick pumps of the pump that Tommy had in their car and we were on our way. No noticeable holes or leaks, just ... flat. And all went VERY well. No other freaky occurrences. No other mechanical failures. No handlebars coming apart or The Beast Bike to have to control. Ah yes, much much much better than last year's little battles. And all continued to be very well.

We made it to Clemson and got on the sidewalks, rather than disrupt traffic .... only to discover that the sidewalks in a certain section did NOT have the little ramp entrances and exits.... just the bump up and bump down. Bam -- OUCH!!! and down OOF!!! For about a quarter-mile, that was all I felt. I was already in a bit of pain because my gel seat cover had kept slipping off until I finally took it off at the place where we took a water break. I hadn't worn the padded shorts because I thought the seat cover would suffice..... That's what I get, right?

We got to our destination EXACTLY in the time we had projected. How cool is that?

And I can't wait to get back out on the road on my cycle again! I don't know that I will revisit the Virginia Creeper Trail this year -- may try a new one this fall. My other plan is to do some camping with my dog -- and to take my bike!

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