Monday, December 10, 2012

No holiday death spiral....

At this time last year, I was going through lots of medical tests, and in general having a big ol' pity party, table for one. And it was around this time that I began to succumb to the Holiday Death Spiral. If it was on a table to be consumed, I was going to have some.

Yes, I know better.
No, I wasn't hungry.
No, I really shouldn't have had three of them, but it was just too darn tasty.
I only get these around this time of year.
I'm so busy I don't have time to hit the gym.
It's the holidays - I'll start fresh in January.

I had every excuse. And then in January, a serious health scare and my only consolation was food.

Yes, I knew better. I was falling into a death spiral 36 years in the making and only recently "conquered."

This year, I do not want to fall into that trap again. I do not want to go backward in my progress. I'm havi g enough trouble dealing with some continuing health/medication issues that are playing around with my progress. I don't need to derail myself.

Luckily, I have a few new pieces of weaponry in my arsenal. A new resolve. Knowledge of what doesn't work. A few new routines I want to try, and ways to make my spaces more healthy, more conducive to what I need to succeed.

A gym bag packed each evening ready to go the next morning .... and if something happens and I don't make it out the door in the morning, I switch things around and make sure I go that evening. I even have a DVD in there, just in case plans get changed and I have to do a quick workout on lunch hour.

This year, no death spiral. And while maintaining through the holidays would be nice, I don't want to just maintain..... I want a net loss come January 8 (my first weigh-in after the New Year). OH YEAH!

I have the tools.
I have the drive.

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