Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hanging in and pressing on....

It's been a tough two weeks. I've had a couple of small gains which haven't really added up to much.... except that they are gains --- UGH!!! I tell myself that it is the busy season, and this is true. Between musical events -- 3 different concerts/performances, just as many choir practices, plus our yearly caroling/party -- and being chained to my desk with work (reports, reports, reports, and ... oh yeah, did I mention reports?).....

No excuses, though. I could have done something better, differently, etc.

But I'm proud. Last year at this time, I was in the middle of a massive pity party, table of one. And I was definitely bellying up to the bar. For example, at last year's caroling party, I had one of everything. No, really, I mean it. THEN went back for seconds on "favorites" ..... this year, way more picky. It was like, "If I can make it at home, anytime I want, then do I want to eat it here?" Yeah, that put a kibbosh on a peanut butter cookie. Think about it: it's not special. I can make those anytime I want. So why would I want to "indulge" in it, just because someone else brought it?

Nah.... not worth it.

But starting tomorrow, I have some time off. I have to do my shopping (yes, you read that right: 12/21 and STARTING my shopping). And I've got my gym bag packed and ready to go with me. Yeah, I'm gonna hit the gym first, then shopping.

But you know what's been my saving grace as well? My 5K's. Since mid-November, I've done 3, and I just signed up for a New Year's Eve night run. I figure it's a good omen if I can wrap up the old/start out the new year with something good for me. Besides, I gotta break 46:30 if it kills me (HAAAAA!). I'd love to break my PR of 45:56.

And I have the "Magic Tracker" this week (even though we won't have a meeting on Christmas Day). Why? because when you have the Magic Tracker, you lose! Ta-Da!!! :)

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