Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A year in the life

First off, apologies: I didn't realize I hadn't posted at all in September -- WOW! It was definitely a busy month, so I'll try to be better about this in October.....


52 weeks ago today: The Great Earth Fare Swoon. Oddly enough, I am just as busy today as I was that day in October 2011.... so much to do, so much to do. In fact, some of the same: Monarchs meeting, choir practice, only this time it's not a day off and I have a lot to do at work today.

What has transpired in this year is unlike anything I would have ever imagined. More medical appointments than I would have ever guessed. A scare that kept me in terror for about 2 months, only to find that there was nothing there at all. Lots of work stress and lots of home stress. New medicines and consistent monitoring. And a rebound on my weight that I would never have wished on anyone.

What have I learned? A temporary setback is no reason to throw a pity party..... and from last October on, I was having myself a huge ol' PP, table for one and one only. I'm back on plan and working hard to get this weight off ..... and yet, at the same time, I've learned not to completely freak out when the scale goes back up. I'm savoring those NSV's because I can't count on the scale to necessarily give me accurate feedback. For example, about every three weeks, I have a big spike, only to lose it either the next week or over the next couple of weeks. Usually I can lose more than the spike was, so that means the scale is going down ..... just very slowly.

However, I'm also learning to plan my activity, to plan rest days, to be flexible to allow for changes and modifications. And what's really helping me with this is ActiveLink. Now, disclaimer: I am a WW employee, and I promise I'm not just trying to shill a product ....... but the ActiveLink device that's available to members has done more for my workout motivation than anything else! I look forward to getting in my activity and am trying really hard to keep moving throughout the day, so that I don't have to try to make it up by an hour of excruciating work at the gym (although I do own up to doing 30 minutes of torture as often as possible).

What have I done this year? Things I never imagined. I asked more questions, I learned more about the body, I allowed others to minister to my spirit, I prayed even harder, I rejoiced even more, I decided to take a few more chances. I got back on a bike for the first time since I was probably 16 -- and now have two bikes to use! I signed up for a 5K in New Orleans to visit with some old friends, and for a Bridge Run. I'm even considering a couple of obstacle runs next year, and am mulling finally learning to swim so that I can attempt a ladies-only tri at some point.

And within this year, there's been some sadness that has made me stop and think about life. A very, very dear friend passed very unexpectedly, far too young. He was such an inspiration in overcoming obstacles and I cannot help but try to honor his memory by doing the same in my life.

The point is that you only have one life. You can choose to wallow in misery or you can choose to embrace the here and now, to make the most of your opportunities. I've done a lot of both this year, and I far prefer the latter. I want to be the best possible person I can be, and I'm determined to succeed in this effort.

And you can too!

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