Sunday, June 24, 2012

The whole sleep thing, revisited

Okay, for the weight stuff: up a bit but not concerned. I know I had some issues with water retention and with being on exercise restriction (except for walking). I'm off restriction as of Friday -- did a killer workout that day, I've been tracking well, and I know that come Tuesday, at least some of the gain (if not all) will be gone. It's all cool.

So my plan was to do some biking last night, some yoga and maybe a little more biking today..... POOF! It was all just a dream, apparently, because all I did this weekend was sleep. Okay, granted, I've been a wee bit sleep-deprived watching my SC Gamecocks in the College World Series (come on babies, let's 3peat!)....especially since night games = ratings bonanza (really, ESPN? 9:00 starts?)  But in general, I've  just been plain sleep-deprived. Again.

I had planned to do some cleaning this weekend but yesterday afternoon, sleep came calling first ..... and stayed for about 2 hours. Same dang thing this afternoon but for 2-1/2 hours. I also don't think I'll have any trouble falling asleep tonight. If by 10:30 I'm still wired, then I'll dip into the melatonin.

But long-term.... don't know. I honestly wonder if I have some sort of mild circadian rhythm disorder. I seem to be just a couple of hours off from what the rest of the world needs from me. I can't fall asleep before 11:00 but I have to have at least a good 7 hours. But getting up at 6:00, when I have to leave my house by 7:00 to be at work by 8:00 is not really a good option for me. Mornings are tough enough for me, so I need to ease into them.... hence, waking an hour earlier. 6 hours of sleep for 6 days a week does NOT make me a pretty person.

Anyway, this week is a little less chaotic (minus these three CWS games!) ..... and hopefully, I can treat myself with a little more love, lots more exercise, good sleep, and keep working toward a truly healthy life!

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