Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This time, I know it's for real....

( not just a Donna Summer song)

I just signed up for the Little River Bridge Run/Walk in less than 2 weeks (the 5K portion). Luckily it's an evening race.... gasp, don't get many of those, so this time I don't even have to find a sub for work.

I guess it's official: I'm one of those crazy competitive ... um, athlete? types.

It's a tag that I don't often -- or lightly -- toss around: ATHLETE. I was a klutzy kid, always falling head over feet and elbows over rear ends. If you had a betting pool on who'd suffer the first "game injury" I'd be an almost-sure-thing. Even now, I cannot wrap my brain around "me" and "athlete" in the same room, let alone the same sentence, or the same space.

I laughed at the doctor's office when the nurse told me my pulse rate was low enough that they called it "athlete's rate."

Maybe I shouldn't have laughed after all.

So give me a sec while I do a happy dance and a YAY ME...... it's a rare indulgence.

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Angie A said...

Dancing with you!! !:)