Monday, March 14, 2011

In the words of "Fletcher Reade"...

Old man in restroom: "What are you doing?"
Fletcher Reade (Jim Carrey): "Do you mind? I'm kicking my own @$$!!!"

(from the beating-himself-up-in-the-bathroom scene in Liar Liar)

For the first time in forever, I have managed to actually get more than one workout in within a 7-day span! I'm aiming for a 3rd if I can get it! :D And let me tell you, this new workout is kicking my butt six ways to Sunday and I'm loving it. Good Lord, I am exhausted during it and shortly after it's over, but it's a great workout!

And it tied in so well with David Kirchhoff's Man Meets Scale blog post today.... it's about competition and how that sometimes is a motivating factor in our workouts or weight loss. For me, it is. Don't know why, but as much as I appreciate teamwork, for workouts I have to go it alone. I need the solitude and yet I need people around me when I work out -- not as "buddies" but as benchmarks.

Saturday, I was pretty much the only person in the gym until I hit the core work. And then it was one person who not only works out but is pretty serious about it. Tonight, everyone and his/her brother was in there. Amazingly enough, I had no trouble getting the machines and equipment I needed, even with several of "the boys" (see earlier post) there .... With that many people there, I kind of wonder if they realized "oops, gotta play nice with others tonight"......

Anyway, I like this workout and I'm actually looking forward to sticking with it -- at least until about another 8-10 weeks when Killer Dave says, "Hey you, how's it going? Ready to change up?"

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Angie A said...

Good for you annette! :)