Friday, October 22, 2010

Skip, skip, skip to my....

I am up a little, so I used the "no weigh-in" option this week. As a Lifetime member I really only *have* to weigh in once monthly, but I like to monitor my progress. I monitor it at home anyway, but I like being on the official scales and seeing how things go. I have some water retention going on, more than usual... not sure why, because I've been drinking my water all week. I have tried to watch my sodium intake, although today I had some delicious soup with more sodium than I expected.... Oh well.

So thinking of my four questions from a few weeks ago:
1. What do I want to happen? Some weight loss.
2. What do I need to make this happen? I need to do Simply Filling again, and to get in an extra cardio workout this coming week. Re Simply Filling: I'm amazed that I like this technique as much as I do.... and that I waited so long to try it!
3. Can I do this? Sure I can!
4. Will I do this? Yes!

Speaking of workouts, this was my first week of doing the new routine -- two sessions in, one more to come over the weekend and so far, wow. I can definitely feel it, and I'm looking forward to a few more weeks of getting stronger and more toned.

I had a doctor's appointment today and we were discussing my weight loss journey. I know I've said it so often that it almost seems cliche, but I really do feel a million times better. I know that in May 2006, I could not have ever imagined that my life would be as blessed as it is..... I could never have done a 5K back then; I've done about 8 of them since Sept 2007. I never imagined wearing these clothing sizes in my adult life; I was in my early teens the last time I was near these sizes. I had the energy to sit in front of a computer or a TV screen but that was it; now, I find it difficult to sit still for long (at least outside of work where I have to).

Life is good. Truly. Enjoy the journey -- every moment of it. Cherish every ounce you lose, every pound you lift, every step you walk. Love it and soak it all in!!!!

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