Thursday, May 06, 2010

At the risk of sounding like John Fox....

It is what it is.

Yeah, I'm up. Not quite as much as February (oooh, a whole 6/10ths difference), but it's up. Oh well, weekly weigh-ins, here I come!

So what do I do need to do differently to get this fixed and soon?
  • Set a better schedule. The last couple of weeks have been a lot of curveballs and change-ups to my time frames. So that ends. Not only do I need to map out my day and eating plans to accommodate my new evening meetings, but my exercise as well. I've gotten off a good set schedule, and I need to get back. This will be a little easier once choir practice ends, so hopefully in about 2 weeks, I'll have a really good schedule set.
  • Do more cooking. Another thing I haven't had time for, but really need to work on. I have new recipes to try out, and I can't wait!!!
  • Figure out exactly (calorie-wise) what I should be eating each day -- not just the points, but the calories too. Points are a little different because I can use one point on something that's 40 calories with no fat or fiber, or it could be 90 calories with enough fiber. 50 calories is (for me) about 5 minutes on the elliptical. If I stop five minutes early and I've eaten those calories.... make sense?
  • Talk to my territory manager for more advice. I know she will be caring and offer real help and advice!
I'll keep you posted on how things go!

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