Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's no excuse, but it might explain....

My weight is still up a bit, and I've followed things fairly well this week, except for one "blowout meal" on Sunday. And the very next meal, I got back on track, so no guilt. I've been drinking more water, got back to the gym (and plan another visit tomorrow morning), and have even been attempting to get more sleep (can't say I've completely succeeded.....). Yet, the weight is staying a bit higher (and for longer) than I would like.

Last week, my primary care doc wondered about my thyroid - if it might be underactive. I also spoke to my Gyn this week, since he had originally checked that last year, and he thought that it might not be an issue but couldn't hurt to keep an eye on. And then, another possible explanation -- not an excuse, but a possible "Eureka?" moment -- popped up.

Earlier this week, I had one of my "maintenance prescriptions" refilled (it's hormone therapy). The pharmacy called and said, "We're out of this today, but we can order it and have it in the morning." Okay, that's cool. So I stopped in the next morning to pick it up, only to have the pharmacist tell me, "Um, we can't get the generic of this anymore." OUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH. An $8 copay just jumped to a $35 one. EEK! Hadn't planned on that........ But hey, that's cool, just let me take the stuff and we'll just adjust to the brand-name variety. Or see if the mail-order pharmacy can supply the generic version -- although I admit that I thought it might not be possible (since it's basically the mail-order division of the brick-and-mortar pharmacy I use).

Earlier tonight, I checked out a messageboard and it mentioned some of the side effects of the generic--- OH MY LORD! Moodiness (I am the queen of it), weight gain (uh, you think?), irregular cycles (yep). That's just some of it. Can't tell me that hormones -- all the various kinds our bodies produce -- do not have an effect on our weight. You will not convince me otherwise. And if those are the effects of a generic versus the name-brand, then thank you, I'll pay the extra $27 to not have to deal with the yuckies.

So now where do I go? Well for starters, I stay on track, plain and simple. I eat healthy, in proper portions, I exercise, and I take care of myself. That's it. All this stuff with the medication is just a possible explanation - I still have to do the leg work.

And so it goes.

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