Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brand New Day

Van Morrison's Moondance is without a doubt one of my "desert-island" CD's -- and one I can listen to over and over again without tiring of it. And one of my favorite songs on there is "Brand New Day" for many reasons.

Today is a brand new day. I have been on vacay, and believe me when I tell you .... I have SINNED. Yesterday (Saturday) was one of my biggest falls ever. I ate a huge breakfast -- amounts of food I have not eaten in forever. I ate more cake at the wedding rehearsal and reception than I have in the prior 3 years. Went out for real Memphis BBQ last night and ate the whole thing, with beans and slaw and even onion rings.

I woke up this morning still stuffed -- not just from the food but from too much salt, too much sugar, not enough water. Puffy and yucky feeling and even not stretched out enough. I sat at the breakfast nook table this morning at the hotel and did neck and shoulder stretches. Still all tensed up (which tells me that the shoulder stuff probably isn't just too much stress). Anyway, let's just say that this morning's lesson is definitely on the wages of indulgence.

So today is the brand new day. It is time to get back on track. I fell off the wagon yesterday but it is not going to roll over me. This lapse will not become a collapse. How've I done so far today? I had a much smaller breakfast this morning -- still not entirely perfect (as far as points) but far closer than the trough I used yesterday morning. I plan on eating lightly the rest of the day and doing what I can to ensure that I don't undo the good I have done.

I got the opportunity at the wedding to speak briefly with the groom's sister (who teaches kinesiology at one of the universities in Arkansas) and with his dad -- who also is a WW Lifetime member and staff member! That was supercool!

The brand new day is here for us all. Every moment can be a brand new day, if we so choose. Today, I need to choose wisely. Tomorrow, I need to keep choosing wisely and living the brand new day.

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