Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frustration, thy name is.....

Even though my weigh-in isn't official, I stepped on the scale ..... and I'm up. Naturally. OMG, I am screaming on the inside.

I know it's normal to have fluctuations during Lifetime/maintenance. And I know given all the weird crap that has been happening with my body, it's no surprise. But it is no less frustrating. I think maybe it's worse because I'm not sure why things are crazy....... I'm still on program; I use a few weekly points but not over the 35. I'm exercising -- and very well, I might add!

The only odd thing is that there have been times over the last few days when I simply could not get enough to eat. Not a craving for anything specific -- just the need to eat something. Anything. Usually after 10. And only a couple of times but it was like "GIMME" (said in extremely deep, gravelly, demonic-type voice).

I can't do anything about the hormonal stuff. But there are some things I can do..........
  1. On my leader's advice, I'm adding a point back in to my daily total. It's an experiment. Since I'm earning in the neighborhood of 12-16 activity points a week (if not more), it may be that I'm not eating enough points/calories to support it. It's possible.
  2. I'm going to drink more water-water. I'm already drinking plenty of liquids -- 2 cups of coffee, 1-2 cups of herbal tea a day, at least 48 oz of water (if not more), and usually 24 oz or so of diet soda. That's just an average day. She's also suggested upping the water intake on top of the others. Okay, that's only one extra bottle a day -- easy enough to do!
  3. Do some things to my exercise -- right now, the biking is great, really great! But I'm thinking that doing some intervals might help ..... or 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the evening. Just something to make it all better.
We'll see how it all works. I'm really, really wanting the breakthrough to come, and for my weight to fluctuate less and get more toward goal -- where it should be and where I busted tail to get.

I'm not discouraged at all ..... just baffled. Really baffled.

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