Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kicking my butt a million ways -- all good ones!

So, last week, my leader and I agreed that I would do less all-walking this week and try the exercise bike 3-4 days this week. And I have done just that -- at least 25 minutes at a time, most of the time, 30 minutes. I can attest to a few things:

1. The bike makes me break out sweating much sooner and for much longer.
2. My stamina is getting better with the bike -- I'm not totally dying after the first few minutes.
3. It is helping take the weight back off! I did just a little self-check this morning, and I was back down very close to goal...... WHEW!!!!

Let's just hope that holds out until the official weigh-in in about 21 hours. I did 30 minutes tonight to a good mix of tunes (started with "Humans Being" and ended about halfway through "Life Is a Rock") and really enjoyed myself.

I can see me keeping this in the exercise rotation........... I'm still walking in the early mornings, but just a mile -- long enough for Maddox to get his time in, and just enough time that I am not going berserk trying to get ready.

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