Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clothes make the person...

I missed Thursday's weigh-in because it was a snow day. I didn't get into work, and there was no way to make the meeting either. So I waited until Friday morning.

I ate breakfast first (mistake #1). I had on a bulky sweater because it was cold (mistake #2). Hey, at least I didn't wear jeans (did bring them with me to change into, but didn't wear them). Give me a few points there. I stepped on the scale --- and lo! only a 0.2 pound gain. She asked me to take the sweater off, and I said, "well.........." (they laughed).

I knew better. I knew to wear thinner layers to weigh in. I knew not to eat breakfast first. So I probably really had a loss. Dang it!

So, all in all, a good week. No complaints, and we'll keep on truckin'!

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A Lighter Life... said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to leave you a message to let you know what a HUGE inspiration you are to fellow WW's like myself...

I have currently lost 68 Ibs, with another 79 Ib left to lose, but this time around I am confident that I WILL reach my goal.

Keep up the excellent work! You are doing so well :-D